We provide all of the following services to our customers:

  • Cooling Towers, Boiler Water, Heating Water and Chilled Water Testing
  • Potable water, Waste water and Sewage Treatment Plants Testing and Servicing
  • Chemical & Biological Laboratory Analysis and Sample Collection
  • Hydrotherapy & Swimming Pools Testing and Mechanical Servicing
  • Filtration, Softener and Reverse Osmosis Servicing, Supply and Installation
  • Control and Dosing Equipment Servicing, Supply and Installation
  • Chlorination (Gas / Liquid) Servicing, Supply and Installation
  • Tank Cleaning / Disinfection


Program assurance and on site testing

Our site personnel perform in-depth monitoring with fully traceable documentation, manage stock levels, rectify immediate problems and perform preventative maintenance.

 Cleaning and disinfection

All water systems will require cleaning and disinfection at some stage.  This is hazardous work that must be carried with minimum disruption to the customers’ operation.  Cleaning personnel risk exposure to pathogenic and toxic materials and must work in confined spaces and in some cases such as cooling tower cleaning at elevated heights.  360 Water has comprehensive procedures to ensure the cleaning is effective and non disruptive to the operations of the plant.  All our technicians are trained and equipped to handle the hazards.

 Laboratory testing

To ensure programme performance and regulatory compliance 360 Water use only independent NATA registered laboratories that meet our strict reporting procedures.  Analyses include Legionella, heterotrophic bacteria, BOD/COD, corrosion coupon testing etc.

 Preventative maintenance

Our service team are well trained to maintain water treatment equipment, be it, boiler water pre-treatment (softeners, de-mineralisers, reverse osmosis), raw water (clarifiers, media filters, nano and microfiltration, reverse osmosis), cooling and boiler water (dosing and control systems, sidestream filtration) disinfection systems (carbon filtration, ozone, UV, chlorine, chlorine dioxide), wastewater (pH, clarifiers, DAFs, nano and microfiltration, MBR, oil separators) or sea water (desalinators) etc.

Pathogen Risk Management

360 Water performs risk management consultation for water identifying high-risk areas, which helps in implementing a best practice solution for your facility and or plant.

HSE customer assessment

As your supplier, if you consider it of benefit, 360 Water will provide trained personnel to carry out chemical hazard site audits. This audit will identify specific local potential hazards for human and environmental exposure related.  Risks will be assessed, reported and discussed with your personnel.

Water audits

Water in Australia is a scarce resource. Industry is being instructed to reduce their water consumption in a number of cases by 25%. 360 Water consultants fingerprint water use on a plant wide basis and list opportunities for savings (over use), performance improvements (under use) and reuse therefore maximizing clients’ water use efficiency while maintaining plant integrity.