Water Treatment issues can be an unwanted distraction from the revenue-generating activities of your business:

1.  Chemical stock control.  Maintaining the continuous supply of chemicals as required for each system (boilers, cooling towers, auxiliary cooling systems, WWTP, RWTP, STP, demineralisation, RO, clarifiers) is not only critical it is time consuming.

2.  Specialist field-based water treatment testing and advice.  Without the right advice and just as importantly without the right remedial action on this advice your systems are in danger.

3.  Mechanical servicing of your water treatment equipment.  Typically the chemical service representatives of water treatment companies will not provide mechanical servicing of the equipment they test, leaving the client to engage the services of another company where required.  This can result in delays for repairs, more administration time and costlier invoicing through duplication of travel time.

Regular and consistent testing and reporting with written recommendations to site operations staff and management is coupled with rectification works by our competent field staff.
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