If you’re in the health sector, it’s most likely that your main headaches are:

1.  Warm water system Legionella contamination. Monitoring and preventing Legionella bacteria colonising your warm water circulation systems (showers, washbasins, etc) as per relevant Health Dept guidelines. This can be a major compliance headache. Non-compliance can lead to patients becoming ill (or worse) as well as costly litigation.

2.  Legionella bacteria present in your cooling towers. In order to eliminate the risk of Legionnaire’s disease and to comply with the relevant legislation, regular testing and treatment is a must. Once again, failure to do so can have devastating consequences.

3.  Steam generation system condition.  Improper treatment chemistry and poor pretreatment operation can lead to expensive downtime, excessive energy and water use and reduced equipment life.  This too can be a real headache, time consuming and expensive.

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