Food & Beverage

In-house chemical, mechanical and biological servicing for food and beverage plants

1.  All aspects of waste water treatment including EPA Compliance Monitoring, Coagulent and Polymer Dosing Optimisation, Delivery System Servicing.

2.  Mechanical servicing of the equipment we test. This is unique for a water treatment company – the chemical service representatives of most water treatment companies do not offer this. For our clients, it means the engagement of the services of another company is not required and delays for repairs, increased administration time and increased cost due to duplication of travel time are all avoided. We simply make it easier.

3. High quality treatment of Cooling Water and Boiler Water Chemical Treatment, Cooling Tower Cleaning and Servicing.  Our clients can expect efficient use of power and water and the avoidance of costly repairs associated with poor quality servicing.

360 Water personnel can test your systems chemically and biological AND provide mechanical servicing as required, which means we can handle ALL of the typical water treatment problems encountered by plant engineers. We take the headache out of water treatment so that our customers focus on their core activities. To find out more click here.

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